Ever since I was a young man I have loved to tinker around my workshop. if I say so myself I can turn my hand to almost any task in the house. Over the years I have realized that quality workmanship comes not just from the skills and abilities of the handyman, but is also heavily influenced by the quality of the tools.

I’ve made some mistakes over the years, and I have learnt, as a consequence, that research is key when it comes to making the right choices. I have gathered the research. I’ve sorted this site into one that any would be DIY’er can use as a reference site before making the purchase. I have also reviewed the best products in each of the product categories to help you to make the best choice for your home.

The Best Spray Painter

Everybody paints their home sometime. There isn’t a quicker way to do it than by sprayer, but beware you can make a mess if you get it wrong. Removing the paint can be more difficult than putting it on. It is also a messy process if you don’t prepare properly ahead of time. This is why I have included a section on how to choose and use a sprayer. I give you some tips and techniques, and I offer you some time-saving tricks.

Best Electric Garage Openers

Electric garage openers are a must for your home. They are convenient and secure, but there is a lot that you need to consider before purchasing one. Garage doors should be as secure as any other door in the house. There are also the safety features to consider. If a garage door suddenly closes on you or on one of your family members, it could result in injuries.

The hardware and horsepower capabilities of the door is another aspect that must be weighed up. In making this decision the size and weight of the door are key. Too small a motor and it won’t last very long. Too large a motor and you pay for unnecessary efficiency.

There are also five different types of garage openers to choose from

  • Chain driven
  • Belt driven
  • Screw drive opener
  • Direct drive opener
  • Jackshaft opener

All of these aspects are discussed in the articles, and the best garage openers are reviewed.

Best Pressure Washers

Every home needs a pressure washer. It takes all the elbow work out of some of the worst cleaning jobs in and around the home. There are three main categories of pressure washer, electric, gas and professional models that use diesel.

Electric pressure washers are highly portable but lack the power of the gas or diesel-powered pressure washers. The diesel pressure washers are usually anchored to the ground, which is why they are mainly used for commercial applications.

We give you some interesting insights into other aspects of the pressure washer and review the best pressure washers on the market.

I hope that you enjoy the articles and find exactly what you are looking for in the reviews.