Programming Your Garage Door Opener

Programming Your Garage Door OpenerEvery garage door opener needs to be programmed to function effectively. Usually, an opener system would be equipped with a remote controller which would operate the garage door automatically. The remote control communicates with the system-opener through a radio frequency. Therefore, every garage door remote control has a particular frequency which it operates, and this specific frequency is usually printed on the remote. The most common frequencies are 300MHZ,310MHZ, 315MHZ and 390MHZ. In order for a remote-control device to function effectively, it is ideal that both the opener and the remote are manufactured by one and the same manufacturer. Having said that, garage door openers can be programmed to be operated by a remote control, in-car transmitter or even a smartphone thus getting garage door opener is real benefit you don’t want to miss. Below are few steps that you should have in mind before you pair a garage door opener with any system.

Pairing a Remote Control with an Opener System

Step 1: Locate the Program/Learn Button

In order to program a garage door remote control, the first step you need to consider is to locate the learn button on the opener system. In order to find the learn button, you may have to remove the light cover on the opener. Programming your Garage Door remote from scratch or clearing the current programming details varies slightly between manufacturers.

Step 2: Program the Remote Control

Programming Your Garage Door OpenerIn order to pair a remote control with a garage opener system, press down the “learn/program” button. You will see a light blink indicator on the opener. Do not do this for too long. As the indicator light blinks, press down a button on the remote controller. Once this is done, the remote control and garage door opener would become paired and you can start using the remote control to operate your opener system. Have in mind that most garage door openers can only be paired with around four or five remote controllers. If a remote control gets lost, you may have to erase all the programming on the opener system before you can add a new remote control to the system. The process of erasing the programming on your opener system is as easy as adding a new remote control to the system. In order to clear the programming on the opener system, press down the “Program/Learn” button till the indicator light stops blinking. Then you can proceed to add new remote controllers to the system.

Pairing an in-car HomeLink System with Your Opener System

Most cars come with a HomeLink System and this HomeLink System enables you to operate the garage door from the comfort of your vehicle. Pairing your opener system with the in-car system is remarkably easy and in order to ensure hassle free operation, the receiver, handheld transmitter and in-car transmitter must all be completely functional and few tips regarding noise free less garage door worth a try. The Homelink System is compatible with almost all garage door opening systems. However, in order for the system to pair with your opener, your should check if your opener system operates within the frequency of 288-433 MHZ.

Step 1:

Erase all previous programming on your in-car system by the manufacturer or previous user by pressing down the two buttons on the HomeLink System until the LED lights starts blinking rapidly. Have in mind that this process may take up to a minute.

Step 2:

Select one of the two buttons that you want to set as your door opener button. Once you have selected this button, hold the rolling code transmitter close to the button you have selected. Press the transmitter button and the button you have chosen to be your in-car garage door button. Press down both buttons simultaneously andonce you press down the buttons simultaneously, you should see the in-car system LED light flashing rapidly. Once the light flashes, leave the car and go to your opener system.

Step 3:

Once you access your opener system, press the “learn/program” button momentarily and a light will then start blinking on your opener system. The LED light should blink continuously for thirty seconds. This is the timeframe you have to finish the programming. While the light on the opener system is blinking, rush to your vehicle and press the preset button on your in-car system four times. Once this process is complete, your opener system is fully paired with your in-car HomeLink System.

How to Pair your Smartphone with your Opener System

Programming Your Garage Door OpenerConsidering the fact that the smartphone is one of the most widely used devices of this generation, there are several people who are open for the solution of using their smartphone to open the garage door. Pairing your opener with your Smartphone allows you to control the opener from any part of the world as long as there is Internet connection and may also get you through garage door safety tips. There are several garage door opener apps that can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. These apps allow you to pair your smartphone with an opener system. One of such apps is the MyQ App. The MyQ app enables you to control your opener system from anywhere in the world once you have an internet connection. Additionally, the MyQ app allows you to know the status of your garage door. Below you can read few steps that you need to make in order to pair your smartphone with your opener system.

Step 1:

Purchase a Chamberlain MyQ kit which consists of two hardware components; a base station and a sensor device.

Step 2:

Install a small bracket on your ceiling, very close to the power outlet. The small bracket should be bolted to the ceiling or held in place by screws. Put the base station into the bracket.

Step 3:

Connect a power cable to the base station so that it becomes functional.

Step 4:

Download the MyQ app on Google Play Store or App Stire and install it on your smartphone. Once it is installed, link the opener system with your smartphone and base station via Wi-Fi.

Step 5:

Follow the instructions in the MyQ kit manual and install your door sensor. Once this process is completed, you can operate your garage door via the app as long as your base station is connected with your smartphone and opener system.

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