At the Tool Spy I like to look at products from several different angles. That way you get the most complete picture of the best available tools that are out there. It’s no different when it comes to paint sprayers. One of the best ways to shop for paint sprayers is to shop by brand. Without a doubt there are some brands that simply represent quality products that stand out above others.

Just think about it. When you think of cars, some brands like Cadillac, BMW and Audi signify superior quality and workmanship. Names of paint sprayer manufacturers like Titan, Graco and Tacklife signify similar prestige in the paint sprayer market to what those car brands represent in the auto marketplace. You simply can never go wrong by purchasing one of the paint sprayer models from the brands I will discuss here.

Best Paint Sprayer Brands

Best Wagner Paint Sprayer Reviews

What is the popular paint sprayer brand ‘Wagner’ best known for? It’s the fact they were the first to make small portable paint sprayers that worked well at an affordable price. They made it possible for everyone to be able to afford a paint sprayer and greatly simplify the tedious task of painting. It’s also a company that is constantly striving to improve upon paint sprayer products that already work great for painting walls, fences and decks.

Best of all, Wagner was able to accomplish those things without sacrificing quality and durability. It’s why they remain such a popular choice for both home and commercial paint sprayer users.

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A Guide To Titan Tool Paint Sprayer

Paint spraying products made by Titan have become very popular purchase choices in the home improvement marketplace these days. That’s because they are known to be a paint sprayer brand that offers superior quality for the price you will pay for them. Many of the features you find on Titan paint sprayers are the same as you find on much more expensive pieces of paint spraying equipment.

There are two things that really stand out about any Titan brand paint sprayer. One is the fact that they don’t require you to have a separate compressed air system with you to run them. The other is that they are very portable for such solidly built units. It’s why Titan has even become a popular paint sprayer choice, even among professional painters.

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Tacklife Spray Gun (A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide)

Tacklife paint sprayers are a brand that is very popular when you need to do pinpoint painting jobs. They are excellent for use on such things as painting auto bodies, fences and other painting projects where precision is an absolute must. There is absolutely no reason you can’t use them on smaller flat surface jobs too.

The secret to this brand paint sprayer’s success is they have spray heads that are very lightweight and adjustable. They will either come with a generous amount of hose too or they will need no hose and have a decent sized plug in cord. They don’t make paint sprayers that have easier to handle spray heads than those on Tacklife paint sprayers.

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Best Sprayit Paint Sprayer Reviews

If you like a more traditional type of compressed air paint sprayer then Sprayit will surely have a model that suits your individual painting needs perfectly. They make a wide variety of compressed air paint sprayer heads that can help make any painting task you have go much smoother. They even have kits that contain multiple paint sprayer heads which will allow you to do everything from large surface paint spraying to the most detailed auto painting work.

Sprayit paint sprayers set up quickly and are very easy to take apart and clean too. They are also designed to be used with a very wide variety of paints, stains and lacquers.

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Homeright Paint Sprayer To Buy In 2019

Homeright is best known for making super-lightweight corded paint sprayers that do not require any compressed air to run them. They are also economical enough that even low volume paint sprayer users can afford to buy one of these just to have it at the ready for when it’s time to make any painting project go easier. It’s part of what makes them so appealing to homeowner’s and non-professional occasional painters.

These HomeRight model pain sprayers come with different tips so you can adjust the paint atomization to get thinner or thicker volumes depending on what type of painting task you are doing. That makes them excellent for use on a very wide variety of painting tasks.

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Graco Paint Sprayer Reviews

If you want to buy a solidly built, exceptional working paint sprayer at a reasonable cost then you will definitely want to take a closer look at these Graco paint sprayer models. They are good enough for professional use and with them you get the experience and innovation that comes from a company that has been around over 90 years.

What sets Graco paint sprayers apart from many other brands? For one,all of their machines are airless, and they come with a generous amount of hose attached to them. Even their heavier machines are made so they are very portable too. You can also apply a wide variety of paints with them such as stains and heavier latex paints.

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So, is it ok to shop by brand when looking for a new paint sprayer? I will say yes because I think you can focus on paint sprayer manufacturers whose products have the exact features and capabilities that you like. And if it’s a reputable paint sprayer brand that doesn’t happen by accident; you know you can’t go wrong purchasing one of their paint application devices.

So you don’t ever have to be afraid when shopping for paint sprayers if you are looking for ones from reputable manufacturers. It actually can save you a lot of time looking at paint sprayer products that are not up to the quality standards that you prefer when you are out shopping for one.