There absolutely are no jobs that are more tedious than those that involve painting. Not only do they involve a large amount of prep work but the actual job of applying paint with brushes and rollers seems to take forever too. These days though, having to apply paint by brush or roller certainly does not have to be the case anymore. That’s because there are now a large variety of paint sprayers available in the home improvement marketplace that will help anyone easily get any type of painting job done.

What’s the best way to sort through all of the many different choices and price ranges of paint sprayers that are available? It’s to let us do it for you. We have taken some of the best portable paint sprayers in the marketplace and categorized them by price. That way you will have no problem finding an excellent paint sprayer in your preferred budget range. Soon after your purchase the chore of painting will become fun and easy.

Paint Sprayers Under Different Price Range

Best Paint Sprayers Under $1500

It takes an extremely long time normally to paint a house, a fence or any other large structures by hand. That’s why so many choose to buy one of the paint sprayers in this category to help them out. They are professional grade paint application devices that will make short work of even the largest size painting projects.

Paint sprayers of this type are versatile machines that can be used to assist you in doing such tasks as painting a house, staining a large deck or even putting a layer of clear coat protection on a car. They feature multiple settings, sturdy construction, pumps with virtually no drop off in pressure and longer hoses for more convenience. So if you are a painting professional or a do it yourself person who does not like to mess around, this is definitely the paint sprayer category you want to shop in.

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Best Paint Sprayers Under $700

Maybe you don’t want to spend the money on or require a top of the line paint sprayer but you still desire one that has a few bells and whistles. Here are some medium priced paint application sprayers that fit that description perfectly. You can still easily do any big painting job with them without spending a lot of money on a paint sprayer purchase.

What’s there to like about paint sprayers in this price range. For one, they have many of the same features that are found on much high priced paint sprayers. They are versatile paint sprayers that can do a variety of tasks, are highly portable and made of solid and long lasting materials. Paint sprayers in the price range are great for handymen that do big painting jobs on occasion and for non-professionals who still like to get great results when using an automatic paint sprayer on any job around their home.

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Best Paint Sprayer Under $300

Are you looking for a budget model paint sprayer but don’t want to buy a handheld model paint application device? Then you will want to take a closer look at the paint sprayer models in this category. They can be deemed entry level paint sprayers that work well when it comes to putting a coat of paint on medium to smaller sized painting jobs.

These paint sprayers may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive paint sprayers, but don’t be fooled because they still work extremely well when it comes to simplifying most painting tasks. They also offer some nice advantages too such as portability, ease of setup and they don’t take up much storage space. So make sure you don’t overlook less expensive paint sprayer models like these if you are on a tight budget but still want an efficient paint spraying machine.

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Best Paint Sprayer Under $100

Can you really find a paint sprayer under $100 that works well? The answer to that question is absolutely yes! These are what are termed handheld paint application devices. They are not designed to paint whole houses but they are handy units to own when it comes to doing small interior or exterior painting jobs like changing the wall color in a bedroom or quickly applying a coat of stain to a wooden fence.

These low cost paint sprayers make it so anyone can afford to own a paint sprayer. They are inexpensive enough that they are great to keep as part of your power tool collection to have on hand if you ever require the use of one. They store easily and they are also the most portable type of spraint sprayer by far. Best of all you will not believe how well they work for the price you will pay for one of these economy handheld paint sprayers.

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As you can see from these great model paint sprayers that we have reviewed here anyone should be able to afford a paint sprayer that will fit their budget and their individual painting needs. Even the most inexpensive paint sprayers we took a look at here work extremely well for the money you will pay for them. There is simply no need for anyone to waste their time using a brush or roller to apply paint again.

Almost everyone can use a paint sprayer whether you are a professional or a do it yourself type person who likes to work around their home. So consider buying and keeping one of these handy for the next painting, staining or car refinishing project you have.