HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Review

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Air-less Paint SprayerThe C800879 from HomeRight is an airless paint sprayer from HomeRight, a company with more than 25 years of innovating and implementing latest technological trends in the painting industry. Its airless sprayer has the capacity to pump fluids at an elevated pressure through a hose. There is a small hole in the spray gun through which pumped fluids goes through. There is a nozzle that encloses the hole.

The nozzle breaks the paint to give you a high-quality finish. The sprayer has been specifically designed to tackle large projects without difficulties. It can handle multiple jobs like the painting of walls, ceilings, and fences. The packaging box for the sprayer includes a 25-feet airless hose, reversible spray tip, spray gun, 50-mesh filter, and the sprayer itself. This sprayer is able to meet the requirements of multiple painting projects at an affordable price.

Special Features

This is the most suitable sprayer for professionals handling large scale projects. It has a chrome plated gun that has a high-pressure trigger and a carbide spray tip. These features help it to spray thick materials with ease, quickly and at high pressure. It can spray a broad range of paints including water-based, latex, and oil-based. It has the versatility to handle both outdoor and indoor applications. The chrome plated gun has a 515 tip that is reversible to give it the robustness and the reliability required to clean out any clogs. There is a mesh filter that catches solids to improve the quality of finishes. Th gun comes with a professional grade swivel and a prime switch. The switch can be horizontally or vertically set to choose either the spraying or the priming mode. This enables seamless switching between the spraying and priming processes.

The sprayer basically has a prime spray knob, pressure adjustment knob, power switches, return tube, and a siphon hose. To clean this sprayer, simply run water or any other cleaning solution through it until all the paints and stains have been removed. It is quite an easy machine to set up for work and clean up after work. A reversible spray tip (515) helps in speedy cleaning of clogs with the help of the hose. With this sprayer, you don’t need any tray or hopper to get it cleaned. This sprayer has all the necessary features a DIY user would need. It has the ability tohandle light and medium coatings with its maximum tip size of 0.015. Some of the materials it supports include latex paints and acrylics for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Adjustable Pressure Settings

The other great feature that comes with this sprayer is the control knob. This knob enables you to adjust the pressure so as to receive the best finish for your job. The pressure can be tuned anywhere between high and low setting to help you get the best out of any material. With a good pressure setting, you can adjust the flow of paint to enable you to deliver a perfect spray pattern that matches your project. The knob allows you to have more control over the type of flow you get for your paint. The good thing is that these controls are user-friendly and can be used to swivel the sprayer in any direction with the help of the handle.

Powerful Motor

The unit comes with 1/2 HP motor that is able to handle pressures of up to 2800 PSI. This gives the sprayer enough power to tackle any kind of project involving different kinds of materials. You can handle large projects with lots of professionalism using this sprayer and achieve professional results and faster high-quality finishes.

Accessories and Maintenance

Repairing this machine is fairly easy because its spare parts are easily accessible in the market. It comes with a manual that states all the parts required for the machine. You can still search online and get information on all the parts related to the HomeRight C800879 model. The good thing about this model is that it has all the components required to start painting with the only exception being the paint material. So as soon as you get the sprayer out of the box, you can begin painting immediately. As much as it is a big sprayer, the assembly process is quick and fairly easy to follow. You don’t have to to keep referring to the manual to use this sprayer.

Durable Design, Efficiencyand Portability

Unlike its competitors, it has a sturdy design that is not only durable but also promises to offer you a good service.There is a top carry handle which makes the machine portable. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will love how easy it is to maneuver with this machine as you execute your painting tasks.

The capacity of this sprayer is 0.24 gallons per minute while the container capacity is 5-liters. You can use its flexible and long suction tube to draw paint from the container. The fine atomization of paint enables the application of coatings at the 0.24 GPM rate. There is also the attached drip cup that prevents any unnecessary spills. The siphon hose makes it possible to move around with a 5-gallon container while the drip cup fits well at both the return and intake tube to ensure no paint is left behind during movements. The length of the hose is 25 feet There is a non-stick inlet ceramic valve that is resistant to wear. The valve is also water resistant and durable. With the ability to draw paint from a 1-gallon or 5-gallon container, you won’t have any portability issues with this sprayer if your project demands portability.


A Homeright C800879 sprayer is a great option if you desire to have a good paint sprayer that handles large projects with much ease. It is quite friendly even to people who are just entering the painting world. It enables you to use paints of various viscosity but produces the best results with thin paints. The unit is not only powerful but also easy to clean. Its filters are easily replaceable while its gun can reach nooks, corners, and crannies that a brush can’t. All sorts of materials can be handled with this sprayer and its priming capabilities have been made easy to enable you to get even coats and high-quality finishes. A two-year warranty cover backs up this sprayer to give you enough time to test and discover all the machine features.