Tacklife SGP15AC Review

Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray GunTacklife has been manufacturing a range of products meant to inspire customers to live a secure and more convenient lifestyle. They have a range of six product categories. The SGP15AC Sprayer falls within the Home Appliances category. The sprayer has been specifically designed to assist homeowners to handle a variety of painting tasks. Some of these tasks include painting car parts, steel furniture, home appliance parts, and wooden products. This sprayer can also be used to stain outdoor fences. As long as you are using the proper thinning approach, this sprayer can handle thick paints like oil paint. When you buy this product, some of the tools you get in the box includes the spray gun, funnel, user manual, canister, cleaning brush, cleaning needle, two gaskets, three spray nozzles, and a warranty card.

Special Features

One of the key features of this machine is the spray gun. This gun has three nozzles and is able to work with three different patterns of spraying. The three spray patterns include vertical flat jet, horizontal flat jet, and circular jet. The three nozzle sizes that you can choose from are 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm. This gun gives you maximum spraying versatility and it has adjustable valve knobs that enable you to control the painting material’s flow rate. We have already mentioned about the included detachable canister. This canister allows you to add paint material in an easier way and enable you to easily clean it after use. The capacity of the canister is 900ml and this makes it possible to have enough paint for your tasks and saves you the time as you don’t have to keep adding paint frequently.

The inclusion of the adjustable valve knobs helps in securing precise paint application for this sprayer. The viscosity of your paint material can be measured using the included funnel. This helps you to adjust the flow rate and control the coating speed depending on the type of project you are handling. The specified Water flow rate is 800ml/min while its maximum viscosity is put at 70 DIN-s. You can also use it to do a precision-oriented painting that requires uniform application of paint with no brush marks.

The sprayer also has a spray width lever that enables you to adjust paint output according to the painting surface. The lever has a switch which can be slid to the left or to the right to adjust the spray amplitude. This lever makes it easy to control the spraying situation for both small and large surfaces. There is a variable trigger which controls the actual flow rate of your paint material. A quick refill lid has also been included to enable you quickly add the paint material. The lid makes it possible to add paint without any need to screw off the container.

Its outdoor air turbine feature further enhances the convenience of using this sprayer. This feature ensures a continuous flow of air and paints to produce a professional fine finish. This is the kind of feature that you require for refinishing lawn furniture and staining your decks. The power rating for this sprayer is 400 watts which are sufficient enough for providing extra-fine atomization. With this paint sprayer, the first coating alone can get you a uniform paint coverage. An air jacket has been included to minimize wastage associated with overspray.

Additional Accessories

There is a 5.9 feet power line that enables you to cover various distances during work. A smart select spray tip has been integrated into the unit and it is easy and clear to understand. The adjustments for this tip are user-friendly and allows you to rotate the tip to get the different patterns of spray. By rotating the spray tip, you create either vertical, horizontal or round pattern and one that fits your painting application.

Easy-to-Use and Versatile Sprayer

This Tacklife paint Sprayer is a cost-effective unit, making it one of the most affordable spray gun options you can get on the market. It has been designed to enable homeowners to tackle a range of small-scale household projects. They include painting car parts, steel furniture, wooden furniture, and home appliances. It is a high capacity model and one of the latest in the market. Even though it uses ABS Plastic in its construction, it is a quality product that is quite durable. Its versatility is manifest in its detachable 900 ml canister which is easy to use and faster to refill with painting material.

Most parts of this sprayer are removable and this makes it easy to clean and maintain. It is also the kind of sprayer that makes it easy to control smoothness levels of your paint material. For faster painting action, there is an included canister which is not only easy to fill but also easy to clean. The sprayers work suitably well for free-flowing and thin stains and paints.


An included 24 month warranty period means that you can buy this machine and test it if it satisfies your needs. If for any reason you are not convinced with its work, you can return the machine and obtain a refund for your money. Before even using the sprayer, you need to check and ensure that the nozzle washer has been correctly installed. This tool helps you to select the right nozzle size for your different assignments.


The Tacklife SGP15AC handheld electric sprayer is one of the best sprayers that can be acquired by a homeowner. Its spraying distance of between 20cm to 30cm is one of the best you can get with a handheld sprayer. The sprayer gives you fast and easy application of paint on surfaces, edges, and corners. It also gives you professional finish that has no roller marks or brush marks. Features such as the different spray patterns, detachable canister, and adjustable valve knobs help you meet your painting needs more efficiently. Due to the high demand for this unit, you may not get the benefit of choosing among the different color options. However, this sprayer has wide applications and can be used for painting car parts, steel furniture, home appliance parts, and wooden products. The warranty cover of 24 months makes it an ideal tool for daily life and work-related tasks.