Anyone who does their own painting or is a do it yourself type should never be without a paint sprayer. This statement is even truer given the fact that the quality of paint spraying equipment has gone way up at the same time prices have come way down. Everyone from professionals to occasional home project painters can now find it in their budgets to own their own paint sprayer.

The hardest part is finding a paint sprayer that works well for the painting task you intend to use it for. Obviously the needs of a professional painter as far as a paint sprayer goes will be different from that of the occasional home user. That’s why we have tried our best to separate paint sprayer machines by price and category to make it easier to find the perfect paint sprayer model for your individual needs.

Types of Paint Sprayers

5 Best Turbine Paint Sprayers Of 2018

Do you want to free yourself from the burden of having to lug an air compressor around to where you are painting? If you do then you will strongly want to consider buying a turbine driven paint sprayer. These types of paint application devices have other advantages too. For one, they use high pressure and low volume which makes covering a surface with paint come out very evenly. They are also recommended for doing paint jobs that require precision painting such as auto parts, bicycles and other tubular types of metal objects.

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Best HVLP Paint Sprayer (The Most Popular Spray Gun)

Many professionals and experienced painters alike choose HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) paint sprayers when purchasing new ones these days. What makes them such a popular paint sprayer choice? One of the main reasons is they do not waste as much paint as traditional airless sprayers do because the paint is not ‘blasted’ out at such high pressure. That means the paint simply does not fly around as much. They often pay for themselves over time with the amount of paint you save and they are a great choice for applying environmentally friendly water based paints too.

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8 Best Home Paint Sprayer – The Most Comprehensive Guide

Even homeowners and do it yourself types deserve to be able to finish painting projects fast with a sprayer. The thing is most homeowners and occasional do it yourselfers cannot justify spending a lot of money on a paint sprayer purchase. That makes these smaller home paint sprayers ideal for them. These paint sprayers tend to be highly portable, easy to store and don’t require an expensive air compressor to run them. They are also handheld sprayer models that are great for directing paint exactly where you want to put it.

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Best Handheld Paint Sprayer: Top Rated For 2018

Maybe handheld paint sprayers don’t hold a whole lot of paint at once but there is no type of paint sprayer that is easier to handle. Their light weight and low pressure makes them very accurate to aim and it helps them to coat the surface you are painting very evenly. Best of all, handheld paint sprayers tend to be by far the least expensive model paint sprayers to buy. That makes these very portable paint application devices easy for anyone to own so they can do all of their home and hobby painting tasks much faster.

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Ultimate Professional Paint Sprayer Buyer’s Guide

In order to do big painting jobs on a regular basis you need a pretty hefty paint sprayer. That’s exactly what you get if you purchase one of these professional grade paint sprayers. They feature all the bells and whistles you could possibly want on any paint application device. These very well-designed painting machines come with longer hoses, set up sturdy and will spray for a longer period of time without having to refill them again with paint. Professional grade paint sprayers, like their name suggests, will make quick and easy work of even the largest painting projects that you have.

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6 Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun Buying Guide

In order to achieve optimal results with many of today’s popular HPLV paint spraying machines many people choose to use them in conjunction with gravity feed spray guns. These model gravity feed spray guns are the best of the bunch when compared to several other ones. They tend to help you achieve a fine finish when painting, contain disposable filters for easy color changes and they also are well-suited for doing hobby type painting and touch-up painting tasks. Gravity fed spray guns are also known to be easy to clean and can be bought for very reasonable prices.

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Best Car Paint Sprayer For Your Garage

If you like to do auto body work or decorate cars as a hobby having a car paint sprayer is pretty much a necessity. There are three basic types of car paint sprayers and they all work very well once you learn how to properly use them. There are those car paint sprayers that work off of compressed air, high volume low pressure models and some are airless pump models. No matter what powers your car paint sprayer, it’s a pretty sure bet they will be lightweight, accurate and have a variety of tips or tip settings that you can use with them.

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Best Airless Paint Sprayer Of 2018

Some of the best performing paint sprayers in the marketplace are those that are known as “airless paint sprayers”. Airless paint sprayers, as the name indicates, use no external air compression source to power them. They work based on high pressure pump systems that propel paint into a narrow exit orifice at high speed. This has the effect of atomizing the paint into a fine mist when it contacts the air. The resultant paint mist coats evenly and lays down a thick volume of paint.  Airless paint sprayers are also known to be lightweight, portable and paint thickness can be controlled by easily changing the nozzle opening size.

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Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

It’s no secret that there are many different paint sprayer models and types available in the home improvement marketplace. Unfortunately, not all of these paint sprayer products work as advertised or are built that well. That’s where our help really comes in handy for you. Instead of having to sort through hundreds of different paint sprayers looking for the one that fits you best we have done most of the work for you. After comparing many different models we have selected a few of the best ones and done extensive reviews on them. You can’t go wrong with purchasing any one of these paint sprayers if their characteristics match your spray painting needs.

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In today’s paint sprayer marketplace you certainly have many choices to select from. Paint sprayers come in all different price ranges, performance capabilities and pumping methods. That means everyone from occasional home hobby painters to painting pros should be able to find a paint spraying machine that works well and also falls within their budget range.

All of the different paint sprayer models we have reviewed here will make an excellent purchase if they meet the needs of the type of painting jobs you intend to do with them. That’s why we have broken down our paint sprayer reviews into so many different categories. That way you can quickly match up a high quality paint sprayer with your individual painting needs.